Legal English Course

Are you a lawyer or a law student who wants to learn Legal English?

Would you like to learn the most useful Legal English words and feel more confident working in an international environment?

This course is based on my experience of cross-qualifying in London and working with English speaking lawyers and clients. It will help you understand the challenges and improve your communication. Not only will you learn new language skills, but you will also get a foundational understanding of the differences between the common law and the civil law system.


Legal English course for lawyers and trainee lawyers who want to gain practical skills and work in an international environment.

1st SESSION Legal professions and legal practice – international lawyers, solicitors, barristers, in-house lawyers and more!

2nd SESSION: Civil procedure – courts and tribunals, parties to the proceedings, trial vocabulary.

3rd SESSION: Client care – meeting with a client, correspondence, liaising with civil courts and other parties.

4th SESSION: Criminal procedure – courts and prosecution, parties to the proceedings, trial vocabulary.

5th SESSION: Case studies – real cases from the English courts.

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